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How can I test the drag & drop file upload feature on my Web site?

File upload and other features such as image libraries and spell checking are available in XStandard Pro and work using server-side software called Web services. You install this software on your Web server and then point the editor to the software using <param> tags like this:

  1. <param name="ImageLibraryURL" value="http://yourserver/imagelibrary.aspx" />
  2. <param name="AttachmentLibraryURL" value="http://yourserver/attachmentlibrary.aspx" />
  3. <param name="SpellCheckerURL" value="http://yourserver/spellchecker.aspx" />
  4. <param name="DirectoryURL" value="http://yourserver/directory.aspx" />

You also need to point to the license file that contains the base URL for the Web services. A 30-day eval license file for localhost can be found at "C:\Program Files\XStandard\license.txt" on Windows and at "/Applications/XStandard/license.txt" on OS X. You can request an eval license for a different URL by contacting us.

Put license.txt file on your Web server and point to it using an absolute URL like this:

  1. <param name="License" value="http://yourserver/license.txt" />

Contact us if you need further assistance or help in customizing Web services to suit your CMS.