The XHTML WYSIWYG Editor For Desktop & Web Applications

Legacy Markup

XStandard can convert legacy (HTML 4) markup into XHTML Strict / 1.1 and even fix "bad" markup. For example, XStandard will convert this invalid markup:

  1. <P>The <B><I>quick</B></I> brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

... into the following:

  1. <p>The <strong><em>quick</em></strong> brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.</p>

In the editor below, type in HTML 4 markup then press the Edit button on the toolbar to return to Edit mode. If the markup contains errors, press the "Fix" button when prompted.

If you do not see the editor here, there are three possible reasons. (1) You have not yet installed XStandard to your computer. Before proceeding, please download and install XStandard. (2) You need to quit and restart your Web browser. (3) You have not enabled 'add-ons' (plug-ins) to run in your browser. Any questions? Please contact us at