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Authoring Layout Tables

XStandard can create two types of tables: tables used to organize data (data tables) and tables used to create the visual layout of a page (layout tables).

The XHTML for layout tables is simple. Only the following tags are used: <table>, <tr> and <td>. Accessibility devices process layout tables in linear fashion, with each cell independent of the next. For example, in the table below, the image of the rabbit is processed by a screen reader in the same way, whether it follows (under) the text or is to the right of it.

Press the View Source button on the toolbar to see the XHTML for this table, then press the Screen Reader Preview button to see how a screen reader would process the table.

Users can insert or delete rows or columns, align cell contents vertically or horizontally, or merge cells.

In the editor below, click inside a table and bring up the context menu. Select "Table" to see the full range of editing options available for tables.

If you do not see the editor here, there are three possible reasons. (1) You have not yet installed XStandard to your computer. Before proceeding, please download and install XStandard. (2) You need to quit and restart your Web browser. (3) You have not enabled 'add-ons' (plug-ins) to run in your browser. Any questions? Please contact us at