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Images As Text - makes authoring alternate text simple

The function of alternate text is to make content containing images understandable when images cannot be seen. This can be because readers have limited vision, because search engines can only read text, or because users turn off image rendering in their browser. Alternate text must therefore work well with surrounding content when it stands in place of images.

XStandard makes authoring alternate text for images simple and foolproof. In the editor below, select some text to serve as alternate text, then press the Image button on the toolbar. Pick an image from the library. The text you selected becomes the alternate text for the selected image.

To edit alternate text, press the Show images as text button on the toolbar. This displays alternate text in place of any images in the document, and lets you edit alternate text right in the document, just like regular text.

If you do not see the editor here, there are three possible reasons. (1) You have not yet installed XStandard to your computer. Before proceeding, please download and install XStandard. (2) You need to quit and restart your Web browser. (3) You have not enabled 'add-ons' (plug-ins) to run in your browser. Any questions? Please contact us at