The XHTML WYSIWYG Editor For Desktop & Web Applications

File Upload

XStandard makes file upload really easy. File upload is accomplished via server-side software called Web services which can be tightly integrated with your CMS.

Drag an image (GIF, JPEG or PNG) into the editor or press the Image button on the toolbar and browse "My Computer" for image files to upload.

When uploading images, XStandard distinguishes between decorative and non-decorative images. Non-decorative images require an alt text to conform with accessibility requirements.

Drag a file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP or Plain Text) into the editor or hightlight some text, press the Attachment button on the toolbar and browse "My Computer" for files to upload.

When entire folders are dragged into the editor, XStandard zips the folder and creates an appropriate hyperlink.

The CMS developer/administrator can configure the library software to create absolute or relative URLs.

If you do not see the editor here, there are three possible reasons. (1) You have not yet installed XStandard to your computer. Before proceeding, please download and install XStandard. (2) You need to quit and restart your Web browser. (3) You have not enabled 'add-ons' (plug-ins) to run in your browser. Any questions? Please contact us at