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Hey dude, where's my color picker and font selector...?

The simple answer is that in XHTML (Strict / 1.1) color pickers are gone, and gone for good. Color pickers and font selectors create semantically barren code. The illustration below shows the meaningless markup generated by these old-fashioned formatting tools.

Example of formatting tools creating semantically barren markup.

Now compare the semantically barren markup above to the meaningful markup generated by XStandard, through the simple-to-use "Styles" menu. Selecting among user-friendly names applies more meaningful markup to data while referencing CSS for formatting offers more plentiful formatting options and ensures consistency of look-and-feel.

XStandard styles selector generating semantically rich code.

Referencing CSS for formatting also makes changing the look and feel of thousands of Web pages easy, with the modification of one CSS file often all that is required.