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Directory Specifications

Directory (markup snippet library) is exposed as XML documents that XStandard reads from the CMS. Implementation of this library is provided below:

For testing, you may use the following URLs:

Should you need to build your own implementation, below you will find the technical specifications.


XStandard makes calls to the library via HTTP GET. The library can be a server-side script or a static XML document. With each request, XStandard sends the ID and metada for the given library (folder in the library) in the query string which can be read like this: $_GET['x-cms-directory-id'] and $_GET['x-cms-directory-metadata'].


The Directory response is an XML document as show in the screen shot below.

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  2. <directory>
  3. <containers>
  4. <container>
  5. <label>Folder 1</label>
  6. <id>a</id>
  7. <metadata></metadata>
  8. <location></location>
  9. <icon></icon>
  10. </container>
  11. <container>
  12. <label>Folder 2</label>
  13. <id>b</id>
  14. <metadata></metadata>
  15. <location></location>
  16. <icon></icon>
  17. </container>
  18. </containers>
  19. <objects>
  20. <object>
  21. <label>Item 1</label>
  22. <data>&lt;p&gt;Item 1&lt;/p&gt;</data>
  23. <icon></icon>
  24. </object>
  25. <object>
  26. <label>Item 2</label>
  27. <data>&lt;p&gt;Item 2&lt;/p&gt;</data>
  28. <icon></icon>
  29. </object>
  30. </objects>
  31. </directory>

Download directory.xml

Directory Response XML Description
containers / container / labelFriendly name.
containers / container / idID of the data store.
containers / container / metadataAdditional information for this data store.
containers / container / locationLocation (URL) to an alternate Directory.
containers / container / iconID of an icon defined in XStandard's icons.xml.
objects / object / labelFriendly name.
objects / object / dataEscaped markup (code snippet).
objects / object / iconID of an icon defined in XStandard's icons.xml.