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XStandard Lite For Partner Open Source CMS

How The Open Source CMS Program Works

We are making XStandard Lite with some Pro features available to established vendors of open source CMS who wish to offer XStandard as an optional (or default) editor in their applications.

  • XStandard Lite is installed on client machines and will continue to be licensed as freeware. It currently runs:
    • on Windows in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera
    • on OS X in Firefox and Safari
  • End-users can download the editor from Alternatively, CMS vendors can make the editor available for download from their Web site, or can ship the editor with their CMS.
  • The CMS will include code for integrating XStandard (HTML and JavaScript), and server-side scripts (like PHP) for building image/link/markup snippet libraries. Both are made available under a license that is compatible with most open source licenses, such as GPL.

If you are a vendor (a member of the core development team or an authorized representative) of an open source CMS and would like to explore this program further, please contact us. Open source CMS users should contact their CMS vendor instead, if they would like to see the CMS vendor take advantage of this program.

Additional XStandard Features Offered Under The Open Source CMS Program

  1. The ability to browse, preview and insert images into the editor from an image library.
  2. The ability to browse and insert hyperlinks from an attachment/link library.
  3. The ability to browse and insert markup snippets from a library (called "Directory").
  4. The ability to retain structural markup when content is copied and pasted from applications like Microsoft Word.
  5. The ability to change icons via icons.xml file.
  6. The ability to define new buttons via buttons.xml file.
  7. The ability to raise and hook into JavaScript events from custom toolbar buttons.
  8. Support for Heartbeat feature.
  9. The ability to disable the time stamp in View Source.
  10. Customization of the message below XStandard to read "XStandard Lite for [your CMS name]" instead of the current message which reads: "XStandard Lite freeware version. Pro version available at".

Quick Overview of XStandard Integration Steps For Partner CMS

To add the editor to a Web page, use the following markup:

  1. <object type="application/x-xstandard" id="editor1" width="100%" height="400">
  2. <param name="Value" value="Hello World!" />
  3. </object>

Then add a small JavaScript function that will copy data from the editor to a hidden field when the form is submitted. In your CMS, you would then read data from this hidden field. Detailed integration steps and examples are available in our online documentation.

To enable the additional features in an authorized CMS, put the CMS code we provided into the following <param> tag:

  1. <param name="CMSCode" value="... [your CMS code] ..." />

To point to an image library, use the following <param> tag (note: the URL must be absolute):

  1. <param name="CMSImageLibraryURL" value="" />

To point to an attachment (link) library, use the following <param> tag (note: the URL must be absolute):

  1. <param name="CMSAttachmentLibraryURL" value="" />

The image/attachment library scripts are highly customizable. Library technical specifications are available.

To point to a Directory (markup snippet library), use the following <param> tag (note: the URL must be absolute):

  1. <param name="CMSDirectoryURL" value="" />

The Directory script is highly customizable. Directory technical specifications are available.

To enable the ability to paste from Word and retain structural markup, use the following <param> tag:

  1. <param name="EnablePasteMarkup" value="yes" />

When pasting content into the editor containing images that point to the local hard drive from applications such as Word, the editor tries to upload these images to the server. Since the file upload feature is only available in the Pro version of XStandard and to avoid displaying a message box to the user to this effect, set the following <param> tag which will paste alt text for local images instead of the the <img> tag.

  1. <param name="Options" value="32768" />

To disable the time stamp in View Source, use the following <param> tag:

  1. <param name="EnableTimestamp" value="no" />

For more configuration options, see the API reference in the online documentation.


Below are links to integration examples and image/link library code:

  • For PHP
  • For ASP and ASP.NET available upon request.

Below are links to download the editor:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the program?

The program is a partnership between the makers of XStandard and open source CMS vendors. CMS vendors are able to offer an enhanced version of XStandard Lite for their CMS.

Is the intention to get CMS end-users to upgrade from this special version of XStandard Lite to XStandard Pro?

This is unlikely to happen. The special version of XStandard Lite contains most of the features of XStandard Pro and integrating missing features such as file upload, spell checking and subdocuments requires server-side software and programming that is expected to be beyond the skill set of most CMS end-users.

What is the term of this program

There is no fixed term for this program. CMS vendors can opt out of this program at any time. In the event that the program itself is discontinued, authorized CMS vendors may continue to make the latest special version of XStandard available in their CMS for an unlimited period of time.

Who provides support for XStandard under this program?

Since XStandard is always part of a larger content management solution, it is important to identify the true nature of a problem. The end-user's first line of support should therefore be the CMS vendor who might well be able to assist the end-user directly. If not, the CMS vendor will steer the end-user to free technical support for XStandard.

Is this program open to all open source CMS vendors?

No. It is open only to established CMS vendors and in order not to offend we reserve the right to refuse applications from CMS vendors without explanation.

Can the special version of XStandard Lite that is made available under this program be used outside of authorized CMS?

No. The special version of XStandard made available under this program may not be used except as part of an authorized CMS.

What should we do if we're an open source CMS vendor and are interested in the program?

Please contact us.